2 Ways to Make Artistic QR Codes with AI (With easy video tutorial)

Artistic QR codes are new trends going on at the moment and in this video I am going to explain step by step how you can make QR codes stand out in among boring QR codes. I will also try to teach make artistic qr codes readable or scannable.

Generate a QR code

You can use any random QR generator online but i will use https://quickqr.art/ to generate QR code as show in the screenshot below. You can any type link, text, image, pdf to generate your QR

Method 1. Using Discord Bot

  1. Once you have generated the QR on the same website press the join beta now button. This process is easy. as shown in the screenshot below.

2. It will take you the discord server

3. On the discord server go to paste bin and upload the saved QR code here

4. Now click on the uploaded image and copy the image address.

5. Now go to pixel bot channel on the server and type /generate in the chat box, write the prompt. In the url section paste the image address that you copied in the 4th step as mentioned in the screenshot below. My prompt was “a very cute pikachu”

Result for artistic QR code from discord bot

Method 2. Artistic QR code using Stable diffusion and controlnet

In this method we will use controlnet and stable diffusion on automatic1111 to make artistic QR codes that are readable.

I have used QR code which includes the information “how to make artistic QR codes using stable diffusion” and we will try to make it readable.

  1. Upload the QR code to controlnet
  2. Check low VRAM option if you have less than 8gb VRAM.
  3. Select Preprocessor invert (white bg & black line) and brightness controlnet model. Download brightness model from here
  4. I prefer to keep controlnet weight between 0.55 to 0.65 to make QR codes scannable.

Results and conclusion

As you can see 0.6 is the most artistic and also was readable. the success rate of readability in my testing was found out to be 70% for 0.6 controlnet weight and 90% for 0.65, but 0.6 tends to be more on the artistic side.

Controlnet weight 0.55
Controlnet weight 0.6

What are your thoughts let me know in the comments.

Video tutorial for artistic QR code

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