Is AI generated art really art? Ai art pros and cons

After the release of stable diffusion, the AI art vs Human art debate was ignited, Is AI generated art really art? As artists around the world started discussing the future of Human created art. Some artists were in favor of AI generated content while most of them are against it.

While AI can create a perfect eye in no time, it took years of practice for artists to make that eye look so great, so the anger of artists towards AI generated art is justified.

It’s really interesting to see how art has evolved as humans evolved. This article is not about bashing AI generated art or canceling those who are against it, my perspective is on how Artificial intelligence can be used as a tool to help artists to give them an idea about how their ideas would look if they draw something like this.

First, for those who are new to this AI art and don’t know what is going on let me explain to you what is AI generated art first, and those who know can skip to the next section by using a table of contents 🙂

What is AI Generated Art

AI generated art
Image of Biolumniscent mushrooms created by Author using Nighcafe Platform

AI generated art is a technique wherein computer programs are used to create or simulate art. AI generated art can be used to make images, paintings, illustrations, animation, music, or other creative work without human involvement. AI-generated art is usually associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Humans’ relationship with Art – A brief summary

Art plays an integral role in human society because it helps humans connect. Humans can share ideas and feelings in a complex way that no other animal can do. Art allows us to do this even faster, and to share these ideas with people across the world, and even across time thanks to the internet.

Humans are one the most fascinating creatures to grace this planet, We have the drive to become the greatest on Earth. And while we may go to great lengths to make something good, a machine can only create what it was designed for. Humans can make something great from scratch

So, humans began creating art before we had language. Early cave paintings served as ways of marking territory, communicating information and feelings, and even as religious objects! Art is important because it helps us share ideas and feelings, and humans are very driven to express themselves. As we humans formed societies, our methods of sharing and recording became more sophisticated. As we have written records of this era dating back to the first written language. These records tell us about their time, art, food, and society.

The reason humans like art is because art allows them to make the complex web of thoughts and feelings inside their minds easier to connect with the outside world. A human’s greatest strength is social interaction, so we seek out art. While AI can make art that anyone wants, at any time, anywhere, the human touch is still important. Humans are not always rational and we do not always want the most rational thing. Humans will always want the art that human artists create.

As time went on, we found new and more interesting ways of making art – painting, dancing, musical instruments, poems and even stories, and more. Every century we add more art to the list, because humans will always want to make art, and we’re always improving!

As we entered the digital era, art evolved in an incredible way. Humans could produce music out of sounds generated by computers, and create their art on them. Humans also became even better at conveying deeper and more complex emotions and thoughts in their art. The internet made it possible for anyone in the world to hear and see any piece of art they could ever want, anytime they wanted. This means that art has never been more popular and diverse

Rise of AI generated Art and Backlash from Artists around the world – AI art vs Human art

Image created by Author using Nighcafe Platform

But the Rise of AI art also triggered a debate that soon the Human made art will vanish or will put current artists out of the job. But is it true though?

That is actually a hard question. I’d say human-generated art is more interesting because you can learn about the artist and their background through their art style. AI art, on the other hand, creates a completely different art style every single time. While this does mean you can get cool art with unique styles in a variety of areas, I personally prefer human-made art.

Human art has always been the best, and will be for a long time. AI generated art feels a little too artificial and is very limited compared to humans. AI art can’t even come close to matching the level of beauty that a real artist can conjure. There is no heart or soul in AI art, and that’s what makes the art the best.

Human-created art will always be seen as somewhat more valuable. After all, humans are the ones that have this great creative ability. Humans like it for it looks like a work of an intelligent soul, as compared to someone coding a prompt in a text box, and AI producing a result.

From what I know, AI art uses a system called Machine Learning to train a model, a large amount of data is fed into the model to train it. The result it generates can be edited to fit art styles. Artists, create art depending on ideas, they express their feeling and thoughts through their work. This is what I think is different between AI-generated and human-generated art, as artists tend to pour their hearts out in their work.

There is no doubt that AI can create art almost effortlessly, but humans can make art that has character and meaning, unlike us. Do you know? AI art just looks great, doesn’t truly mean something, except for maybe a select few. It would be good if all this artificial art wasn’t just for a quick buck, but if the art has a meaning to it.

I would love to elaborate more. For example, humans can be much more diverse than AI, while AI can only do what it is programmed to do. Artificial Intelligence just follows a set of instructions and spits out art like a machine. What separates Artificial Intelligence from machines is the human touch.

AI generated art is fast, efficient, easy, and cheap, but it becomes repetitive and lacks human creativity. Humans may be a lot slower, cost more, and need effort. But the results look a lot more pleasing and original. I wouldn’t say that AI art can’t exist, it is going to exist, this is the future, just that maybe some kind of human art should still be present.

I think human artists should be more appreciated for what they do. Like how Van Gogh was only truly appreciated after he died but was completely ignored back when he was alive. I think we should be focused on a balance between AI art and human art, maybe humans can use AI art as a tool to start off their work. Just some food for thought. Humans can make art that’s just more heartfelt, and I think that’s the difference that will make human-created art last into the future.

But at the same time, AI generated art shouldn’t vanish, but should have more character. AI art can look amazing but is usually just a bunch of lines, or maybe with a splash of water, but all with the same brush.

If the AI art could just be more diverse and have a real emotion to it, it would be great! AI art is so mass-produced, they become saturated quickly, and don’t have much meaning.

But it’s nice that we have both human and artificial artists working side-by-side. There are some fantastic artists out there!

I think the artists are angry over AI generated art due to the sheer scale of how fast AI can generate art and mimic anyone’s art. As a result, they feel like their jobs as artists are being taken away from them by computers.

Although to be brutally honest, I myself don’t think there’ll be a time where art is 100% dominated by computers. AI art is just too unpredictable, And there’ll surely be some art made by humans, right?

For an artist to create meaningful art, it takes years and years of experience and training, and when art can be produced almost effortlessly by some computer program, it does upset people. I suppose it’s just human nature?

I think in the future there could be a middle ground, like a human artist making a piece of art and AI making a piece and then mixing them both. I don’t know for sure about this, it’s all just speculation, but I think that in the future some art could even be a mix of all three; human + AI + hybrid art.

Human-created art has an element of emotion that an AI can’t copy. Art is the combination of a unique emotional experience and an idea. The best art is created from this combination in an interesting way, and this is an area where AIs will struggle against humans for a very long time.

It’s possible. AI generated art is mainly used to create art for various businesses, and while businesses will keep using AI art, many people still admire human-made art, and it will certainly still exist. But eventually, I’m sure that AI will replace some human artists, those who are mediocre in their field, those who are in this field just for money, and they will be in danger.

But those who are excellent in what they do, artists with amazing imaginations don’t have to worry an inch about this AI art thingy. AI can’t imagine things on its own so when it comes to the imagination part, only humans can excel there and this is why the future is only going to make better artists and not the vice versa

Importance of Human Created Art and how everyone can be supportive-

This current scenario reminds me of the Industrial revolution, how it gave people nightmares back then. Having fear of losing their job to a machine, it’s kind of the same. The value of handmade crafts increased since then because they were highly customized and now the same can be the case with human-created art. The value of human-made art will increase as there will be a scarcity of that art.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of art only humans can offer that. AI art is unpredictable so the reliability factor is much higher for humans which could pave the way for new avenues where Human art will be appreciated much more than it has been in the past. If someone will need customizable art they will eventually have to come to real-life artists instead of creating a text to prompt image, music, or video.

People should support local art and should be ready to pay the premium for the art that is one of the best ways how we can appreciate the art. Human created art is an essential part of our society. From cave paintings to some of the most sophisticated pieces by Picasso, etc.

I don’t think art will vanish in the future because art is essentially another medium of communication and expression, like language. There may be better or more innovative forms of art in the future, but art will stay with us forever. Yes, even with the existence of AI generated art.

In fact AI generated art can even enhance the creative spirit of a human artist. For example, a human artist can provide AI with different scenarios and the AI can provide some great options for the person to think upon. AI will help human artists to express themselves more. That could be the future of art.

Humans convey emotions through their art, be it against immoral doings of society, celebrating heroes, standing against dictators, cherishing the achievements of humanity, expressing love, or expressing anger, everything can be expressed by art in any form. This is where AI can never match humans and it never will.

Art is a form of expression that is usually created by humans. But with the help of AI, it is now possible to generate art with a little human input. The question remains if this art has any value. There are two sides to this debate: those who believe that AI generated art lacks creativity and those who believe that the use of AI will create new forms of expression in the future.

Some people argue that art should be created by humans because it is a form of expression that requires creativity and emotion. They say that AI will never be able to create something as beautiful as a painting from scratch or compose music as Mozart did centuries ago. These people think these creations can only come from an artist’s heart and mind so they are unwilling to accept anything else as being true art.

There is an artist who is dominating AI generated images. His name is used to generate content that looks similar to him, which is kind of scary to an artist as he makes living from that art. The artist’s name is Greg Rutkowski and urges AI platforms to leave living artists’ names out of their database. The link to the article is here if you are interested to read.

If there are advantages there will be disadvantages to technology as well let’s discuss them:

Ai Art Pros and Cons

Pros of AI generated art-

  • The ability to create artwork on demand with little effort.
  • It’s a cheaper alternative to hiring artists which is beneficial for small businesses
  • There are no physical limitations that come with traditional painting such as space or time constraints
  • Different types of software allow you to explore different styles and techniques in the same way that traditional artists do.
  • Different models can be trained for different styles.

Ai art disadvantages

  • Unpredictable results: AI art can produce unpredictable results, and we don’t know what to expect, while a human can make art and the outcome can be predicted
  • AI art can become repetitive due to algorithms. One clear disadvantage of AI generated art is that it lacks the diversity that traditional artists could provide. That’s because AI only learns from patterns that have been fed to it, which means it will always produce similar results.
  • As no. of images are being uploaded to social media daily tagged created by AI, it will soon become saturated and eventually and this is one of the major cons of ai art, this fad will end and it will lead to AI being used by Artists as a tool for commercial purposes.
  • After an year of progress, one of the major cons of ai art is that it still can’t draw hands properly. Hands are still hit and a miss in ai generated programs.

AI generated art is not perfect, nothing can be perfect. So these are few ai art pros and cons

List of AI websites for creating Images

There are several platforms available that offer the ability to convert text to images. These platforms use natural language processing (NLP) and other AI technologies to generate images based on the content of the text input. Some examples of platforms that offer this functionality include:

  • DALL-E: Developed by OpenAI, DALL-E is a platform that uses AI to generate images based on text descriptions. It uses a neural network to understand the meaning of the text and generate corresponding images. As a new user you get 50 credits on to generate images, and 15 credits per month for free. Remember these credits expire after a month, so make sure to use them all
  • Playground AI : Playground AI is now becoming a popular text to image generating platform that includes the ability to generate images from text, using image 2 image to get similar results but with little tweaks. Playground AI offers user 1000 images per day which is the most generous among all the other platforms.
  • Local Stable Diffusion: You can install Stable Diffusion locally without having to worry about spending money. All you need is a good enough PC, a 4GB graphics cards, a basic one like 1650Ti would do the job for you, but it would be better with 6GB VRam else your system would struggle. RTX range will be fast enough to generate images. If you are wondering how to install Stable diffusion locally on your laptop or your pc visit the link here.
  • Night Cafe Studio: This is another platform where you can use stable diffusion and DALL-E to create images with text-to-image, there is also a coherent version that makes great art as well.
    Night Cafe is also offering unlimited image creations per day on basic setting like 512×512 images.
    At night cafe you get 5 credits per day for free and also you can get 3 credits per post if you tag them on social media. Max 10 posts, you also get 2 credits daily if you vote in the daily challenge section which makes it 37 credits per day.

These are just a few examples of platforms that offer the ability to convert text to images. There are many other options available, and the specific platform that is best for a given situation will depend on the user’s needs and preferences.


I think that people will like AI art for its affordability and quickness to create, while they will continue to appreciate real-life art. I personally think that AI art will be a bit repetitive and soulless, compared to a real-life artist that works hard to make a painting.

AI generated content is the future and the sooner artists adapt to it the better it can be for them. Anguish and hate aren’t gonna help. Use it as a tool, there will be some days you will be out of ideas, and using AI to generate an idea for you might be a good thing and get those creative juices flowing.

In fact, AI generated art can even enhance the creative spirit of a human artist. For example, a human artist can provide AI with different scenarios and the AI can provide some great options for the person to think upon. AI will help human artists to express themselves more. That could be the future of art.

Thank you for reading the article. Feel free to write your opinions in the comment section.

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