Get rid of BAD HANDS in stable diffusion (video tutorial)

Getting decent hands in stable diffusion or any AI art is still a challenging task. I thought it would be solved with the release of SDXL but the problem still persists.

In this article we will try to tackle this problem, and by the end you will be able to get rid of bad hands in stable diffusion. But keep in mind that these fixes will not be 100% but they work.

You can go here to watch Video tutorial on YouTube for the same.

Why do we get Bad Hands in Stable Diffusion or AI in general?

When we look all over the internet, in every portrait of human hands aren’t the focus of any photograph, its mostly the face or the pose.

Hands are small part of human body with very complex movement. AI generally works on predicting the patterns and its really hard to predict the complex movement of hands.

AI also has same issue with teeth as well. Nothing is scarier than watching AI generate teeths and hands. So lets tackle one of these problems in this article.

I have come up with three ways to tackle bad hands in stable diffusion.

1.Using Controlnet to get better Hands in Stable Diffusion

First and the most effective way to get good hands with stable diffusion is to use controlnet. You cannot go wrong with it. My preferred controlnet to use for better hands is LINEART and SOFTEDGE models.

Controlnet works better when you already have reference image and a pose. You cannot achieve unique poses using controlnet but hands are better with lineart and softedge controlnet models.

2. Using Embeddings and Loras (Additional networks with Automatic1111)

Using embeddings like bad hands can improve hands. But i found interesting was using Good hands Lycoris.

To use lycoris in your workflow follow the workflow and install the install the extension from this link

3. Using inpainting to fix hands

Use a lot of inpainting to fix hands. Combine inpainting technique with Lycoris is mentioned in the 2nd step of this article. Inpainting requires a lot of patience.

My suggestion would be to use dreamshaper inpainting model which you can easily find on Civit AI.

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