ChatGPT and Bard generates text to images prompt. Video Comparison

All the data in this article is generated by ChatGPT and Bard language models for educational purposes.

ChatGPT Model

Sci fi

1. Prompt: “Design a mesmerizing sci-fi cityscape where humanoid robots roam the streets as essential members of society. The city should have a blend of traditional architecture and futuristic elements like levitating platforms and energy bridges. Depict a humanoid robot companion, adorned with bioluminescent patterns, engaging with a diverse group of humans and aliens. The scene should convey a harmonious coexistence between organic life and advanced AI, with interactive holographic displays showcasing the city’s cutting-edge technologies.”

2. Prompt: “Create a thrilling sci-fi scene set in an otherworldly metropolis on a distant planet. The city should be built within a massive crystal cavern, with glowing crystals illuminating the entire landscape. In the midst of this vibrant cityscape, depict a humanoid robot explorer, equipped with a holographic mapping device, navigating through uncharted terrain. Show the robot’s AI-driven adaptability as it interacts with alien flora and fauna, blending futuristic technology with the wonders of an extraterrestrial world.”

3. Prompt: “Design an awe-inspiring futuristic city, where towering biotech structures house a humanoid robot factory. Show the assembly line producing humanoid robots, each with unique designs and purposes. Some robots should have ethereal, holographic limbs, while others display sleek and polished surfaces. The scene should emphasize the advanced automation processes and the intricate integration of AI algorithms, symbolizing a leap forward in robotics technology.”

4. Prompt: “Create a scene set in a cyberpunk cityscape of neon-lit alleys and towering megastructures. Within this dystopian metropolis, showcase a rogue humanoid robot, mysteriously independent from its original programming. The robot should have an enigmatic aura, with glowing circuitry patterns hinting at its newfound sentience. Depict it interacting with a group of underground rebels, forming an unlikely alliance to challenge the oppressive AI-controlled authority ruling the city.”

5. Prompt: “Design a post-apocalyptic world where nature and technology have fused into a surreal landscape. Show a humanoid robot guardian, adorned with biodegradable, vine-like appendages, patrolling the ruins of a once-great city. It should be protecting the last remnants of humanity and preserving ancient knowledge stored in encrypted data archives. Emphasize the poignant contrast between the robot’s advanced AI and its nurturing role as a caretaker of both technology and life.”

CHATGPT portraits

1. Prompt: “Design a captivating portrait of a graceful woman with an air of mystery. Her face should be adorned with delicate features and expressive, alluring eyes that draw viewers in. Frame her with an intricate, ethereal hairstyle, cascading in gentle waves around her shoulders. Dress her in a flowing, elegant gown that reflects her inner radiance, and accessorize with subtle yet stunning jewelry that enhances her allure. Place her in a dreamy, enchanted forest setting, with dappled sunlight gently illuminating her face, creating an otherworldly and mesmerizing portrait.”

2. Prompt: “Create a powerful portrait of a confident and sophisticated woman. Her strong, symmetrical features should exude an air of elegance and intelligence. Portray her with a sleek, modern hairstyle and impeccable makeup that accentuates her natural beauty. Dress her in a stylish, contemporary ensemble that represents her sophistication. Place her against a backdrop of a vibrant, futuristic cityscape, with dynamic lighting emphasizing her poise and allure. The portrait should emanate a sense of modernity and empowerment.”

3. Prompt: “Design an ethereal portrait of a woman with a timeless and classic beauty. Her face should embody softness and grace, with mesmerizing eyes that speak volumes. Frame her with an intricately braided updo adorned with delicate flowers, adding a touch of romanticism. Dress her in an enchanting, flowing gown reminiscent of a bygone era, exuding elegance and charm. Set the scene in a vintage, ornate room with soft, diffused lighting that highlights her timeless beauty, creating a portrait that transcends time.”

4. Prompt: “Create an alluring portrait of a bold and adventurous woman. Her face should portray a hint of mischief, with a captivating smile that reflects her adventurous spirit. Give her a windswept hairstyle that adds a sense of freedom and movement. Dress her in a combination of elegant attire and adventurous accessories, representing her fearless nature. Place her against a breathtaking backdrop of a majestic mountain range, capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, while the portrait radiates the woman’s allure and fearless demeanor.”

5. Prompt: “Design a magical portrait of a woman with an enchanting presence. Her face should exude both innocence and wisdom, with soulful eyes that seem to hold ancient secrets. Create an elaborate, fantastical hairstyle adorned with twinkling stars and delicate celestial elements. Dress her in a flowing, iridescent gown that shimmers with a magical glow. Set the scene in a mystical realm, where a captivating blend of fairy lights and soft luminescence surrounds her, creating a portrait that transports viewers to a world of wonder and enchantment.”

6. Prompt: “Create a striking portrait of a confident and charismatic man with a commanding presence. His facial features should convey strength and resilience, with intense, penetrating eyes that draw viewers in. Give him a well-groomed, stylish beard and a contemporary hairstyle that compliments his strong jawline. Dress him in a tailored suit that accentuates his elegance and power. Place him against a backdrop of a modern urban setting, with dynamic lighting that highlights his confident aura and projects an air of sophistication.”

7. Prompt: “Design an intriguing portrait of a mysterious and enigmatic man with a hint of vulnerability. His face should exhibit a mix of emotions, captivating viewers with a gaze that reveals depth and complexity. Frame him with a tousled hairstyle and a rugged yet refined appearance. Dress him in a combination of casual and artistic attire, reflecting his individuality and creativity. Set the scene in a thought-provoking environment, like an artist’s studio or a dimly lit alleyway, adding an element of mystique to the portrait that leaves viewers curious about his story.”

ChatGPT landscapes fantasy

1. Prompt: “Design a breathtaking fantasy landscape set in an ancient, mystical forest. Imagine towering, luminescent trees with iridescent leaves that emit a soft, magical glow. Create a vibrant undergrowth with vibrant flora, enchanting flowers, and sparkling waterfalls. Incorporate fantastical creatures like ethereal faeries, majestic unicorns, and mischievous woodland spirits, making the forest come alive with wonder and magic.”

2. Prompt: “Create a mesmerizing fantasy landscape featuring a celestial realm above the clouds. Picture floating islands adorned with intricate, crystalline structures and lush floating gardens. Populate the scene with mythical winged creatures, like majestic griffins and radiant phoenixes, soaring through the skies. Use a celestial color palette with pastel hues and hints of gold to evoke a sense of celestial beauty and wonder.”

3. Prompt: “Design an awe-inspiring fantasy landscape set in a hidden valley of the dragons. Depict colossal dragon nests nestled within ancient mountains, surrounded by cascading waterfalls and vibrant flora. Show magnificent dragons soaring through the skies, their scales shimmering with every move. Capture the bond between dragons and their dragon riders, who traverse the valley on elegant, airborne platforms, creating a harmonious coexistence between humans and dragons.”

4. Prompt: “Create an enchanting fantasy landscape set in an underwater kingdom. Picture a vast, bioluminescent ocean filled with breathtaking coral reefs and ancient, sunken ruins. Populate the scene with mesmerizing sea creatures, like graceful merfolk, playful dolphins, and elegant sea dragons. Use a blend of deep ocean blues and vibrant neon colors to capture the mysterious and ethereal ambiance of this underwater realm.”

5. Prompt: “Design a spellbinding fantasy landscape featuring a floating city amidst the clouds. Imagine grand, levitating architecture adorned with intricate carvings and luminescent crystals. Fill the skies with floating islands, each housing unique magical schools and libraries. Depict magical beings like sorcerers, wizards, and elemental guardians engaging in mystical activities throughout the city. Use an atmospheric palette with soft pastels and glowing hues to convey the otherworldly allure of this fantastical floating metropolis.”


1. Prompt: “Create an Anime character with a mysterious past and hidden powers. Design a brooding protagonist with a striking appearance, such as piercing eyes and distinctive hair color. Dress the character in a unique, flowing outfit that incorporates elements of fantasy and modern fashion. Show the character in a dramatic pose, surrounded by an aura of energy, hinting at the latent powers waiting to be unleashed.”

2. Prompt: “Design a cheerful and energetic Anime character with a love for adventure. Create a vibrant protagonist with expressive, sparkling eyes and a contagious smile. Dress the character in a fun and colorful outfit, perfect for their quest-filled journey. Add playful accessories and gadgets that showcase their curious and inventive nature. Place the character in a whimsical, fantastical setting, ready to embark on exciting quests with their trusty companions.”

3. Prompt: “Craft an Anime character who wields ancient elemental magic. Design an elegant and graceful protagonist with flowing hair and a serene expression. Adorn the character with intricate, enchanted robes that reflect their elemental affinity. Surround the character with swirling wisps of their chosen element, whether it’s flames, water, wind, or earth, showcasing their mastery of the magical arts.”

4. Prompt: “Create a bold and determined Anime character who leads a team of skilled warriors. Design a charismatic protagonist with a strong, commanding presence. Give them battle-ready attire and signature weapons that reflect their leadership role. Show the character with their loyal team members, each displaying unique combat styles and personalities. Place them in the midst of an intense battle scene, ready to face formidable foes and protect their world.”

5. Prompt: “Design an endearing Anime character with a love for music and a heartwarming story. Create a charming and passionate protagonist with expressive eyes and a musical instrument of their choice. Dress the character in trendy and stylish attire, reflecting their contemporary interests. Illustrate the character playing music that evokes emotions and memories, surrounded by a supportive group of friends who share their passion for music.


1. Prompt: “Design an intriguing steampunk inventor’s workshop. Create a scene filled with vintage gears, cogs, and brass machinery, exuding an atmosphere of creativity and innovation. Populate the workshop with an eccentric inventor surrounded by a variety of steampunk gadgets and contraptions. Show the character wearing a mix of Victorian fashion and industrial clothing, reflecting their passion for combining elegance with ingenuity.”

2. Prompt: “Craft a steampunk airship adventure scene. Imagine a majestic airship soaring through the sky, propelled by steam-powered engines and decorated with ornate brass details. Illustrate a group of daring aviators on board, dressed in stylish steampunk pilot attire, ready for an exhilarating journey through the clouds. Add elements of fantastical creatures or floating islands in the distance to enhance the sense of adventure and wonder.”

3. Prompt: “Create a steampunk cityscape of a bustling metropolis. Picture towering buildings with intricate clockwork mechanisms, powered by steam engines and adorned with glowing gas lamps. Fill the streets with steampunk vehicles, like steam carriages and dirigibles, navigating through the vibrant city. Include a diverse cast of steampunk characters, each with their unique style and role in this dynamic world.”

4. Prompt: “Design an epic steampunk battle scene. Envision a clash between two rival factions, both equipped with steampunk-inspired weaponry and armor. Showcase soldiers donning steam-powered exoskeletons and wielding mechanical weapons. Add steampunk tanks and war machines rumbling through the battlefield, creating a visually striking and intense steampunk warzone.”

5. Prompt: “Craft an enchanting steampunk masquerade ball. Create an opulent ballroom adorned with gears, clockwork decorations, and fantastical steam-powered devices. Populate the scene with elegantly dressed steampunk characters wearing intricate masks that conceal their true identities. The characters should be dressed in Victorian-inspired steampunk attire, exuding charm and mystery as they dance the night away in a world of elegance and steam-powered marvels.”



  1. A futuristic cityscape, with tall skyscrapers and neon lights. In the foreground, a humanoid robot stands on a rooftop, looking out over the city. The robot is made of sleek metal, and its skin is a light gray. It has a human-like face, with blue eyes and a mouth that is slightly turned up in a smile. The robot is holding a tablet in its hand, and it is scanning the cityscape with its eyes.
  2. A dusty desert landscape, with sand dunes stretching out to the horizon. In the distance, a humanoid robot is walking towards a small oasis. The robot is made of old, weathered metal, and its skin is a rusty brown. It has a human-like face, but its eyes are empty and its mouth is agape. The robot is carrying a large pack on its back, and it is dragging its feet as it walks.
  3. A dark and stormy night. In the middle of a field, a humanoid robot stands alone, its metal body illuminated by the flashes of lightning. The robot is holding a torch in its hand, and its eyes are glowing red. The robot is scanning the surrounding area, its body tense and alert.
  4. A futuristic laboratory, with rows of computers and test tubes. In the center of the room, a humanoid robot is standing on a table, its body connected to a network of wires. The robot is open, revealing its mechanical innards. Scientists are working around the robot, examining its components.
  5. A lush forest, with tall trees and a winding river. A humanoid robot is walking through the forest, its metal body reflecting the sunlight. The robot is carrying a basket of fruits and vegetables, and it is smiling. The robot is on its way to a nearby village to deliver the food.


  1. A young woman with long, flowing hair and piercing blue eyes. She is wearing a white dress that flows around her in the breeze. The flowers around her are a riot of color, and the sun is shining brightly overhead. The woman is smiling softly, and her expression is one of peace and contentment.
  2. A close-up portrait of a woman’s face, with her hair swept back and her eyes closed. Her skin is flawless, and her lips are slightly parted. She is radiating beauty and confidence.
  3. A full-length portrait of a woman standing in a flowing gown. She is elegant and graceful, and she seems to be floating on air. She is surrounded by a halo of light, and she is the embodiment of beauty.
  4. A portrait of a woman sitting on a bench, looking out at a beautiful sunset. She is relaxed and content, and she seems to be at peace with herself and the world around her. She is a reminder that beauty is found in the simple things in life.
  5. A portrait of a woman with a kind and compassionate expression. She is holding a small child in her arms, and they are both smiling. The woman’s eyes are filled with love and understanding, and she is the embodiment of motherhood.
  6. A young man with short, dark hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a suit and tie, and he is standing in front of a city skyline. The man is looking confident and determined, and he is the embodiment of success.
  7. A close-up portrait of a man’s face. He has a beard and mustache, and his eyes are a deep brown. The man is smiling softly, and his expression is one of wisdom and compassion. He is the embodiment of strength and courage.

Bard Landscape

  1. A misty forest with towering trees and a winding path. In the distance, a castle is visible, surrounded by a moat. The forest is full of strange creatures, such as fairies, elves, and trolls.
  2. A desert oasis with a palm tree and a pool of water. In the distance, a mountain range is visible, with a volcano erupting. The oasis is a oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of the harsh desert.
  3. A tropical island with a white sand beach and a crystal clear ocean. In the distance, a volcano is visible, with smoke rising from the top. The island is a paradise for those who seek relaxation and adventure.
  4. A snowy mountain range with a glacier and a waterfall. In the distance, a castle is visible, surrounded by a forest. The mountain range is a place of beauty and danger, and it is home to many creatures, both friendly and dangerous.
  5. A city in the clouds, with floating buildings and a river of light. In the distance, a mountain range is visible, with a volcano erupting. The city is a place of wonder and mystery, and it is a destination for those who seek adventure and excitement.


  1. A young female anime character with long, flowing hair and big, blue eyes. She is wearing a school uniform, and she is standing in front of a school building. The character is smiling and looking confident, and she is the embodiment of youth and beauty.
  2. A young male anime character with short, spiky hair and green eyes. He is wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, and he is standing in a dark alleyway. The character is looking tough and mysterious, and he is the embodiment of coolness and danger.
  3. A female anime character with long, pink hair and cat ears. She is wearing a maid outfit, and she is standing in a kitchen. The character is smiling and looking cute, and she is the embodiment of sweetness and innocence.
  4. A male anime character with long, black hair and red eyes. He is wearing a kimono, and he is standing in a forest. The character is looking serious and determined, and he is the embodiment of strength and power.
  5. A gender-neutral anime character with short, green hair and yellow eyes. They are wearing a school uniform, and they are standing in a classroom. The character is smiling and looking happy, and they are the embodiment of friendship and kindness.


  1. A steampunk airship, floating in the sky. The airship is made of brass and wood, and it is powered by a steam engine. The airship is carrying a crew of adventurers, who are on their way to a distant land.
  2. A steampunk city, with towering buildings and a bustling marketplace. The city is powered by steam engines, and it is home to a wide variety of people, from inventors to explorers. The city is a place of wonder and excitement, and it is a destination for those who seek adventure.
  3. A steampunk detective, wearing a trench coat and carrying a magnifying glass. The detective is investigating a crime scene, and they are using their knowledge of steam technology to solve the mystery. The detective is a clever and resourceful individual, and they are always one step ahead of the criminals.
  4. A steampunk inventor, working in a workshop. The inventor is surrounded by tools and machinery, and they are working on creating a new invention. The inventor is a brilliant and creative individual, and they are always coming up with new ideas.
  5. A steampunk robot, with a metal body and a human face. The robot is working in a factory, and it is helping to produce goods. The robot is strong and reliable, and it is a valuable asset to the factory.

Video Comparison

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