Pixiv restricts the use of AI generated images

Japanese company pixiv recently updated the guidelines due to extensive uploads of AI generated images on their platform.

Reason behind revising pixiv terms and condition was rapidly growing AI technology and increase in uploads from AI artists.

Here are the major points of their new guidelines

  1. Uploading the AI art that imitates the style of an artist cannot be shared without the consent of that artist citing reasons that AI has been trained on their images.
  2. Users uploading several numbers of AI generated images in a day will be considered as spam, might result in penalties like getting banned from the pixiv.
  3. If someone is impersonating others, be in painting style or voice is strictly prohibited.
  4. Pixiv has also banned the AI work that imitates, damages the reputation, or that is misleading to the users.
  5. If any fake account that is spamming AI images on the platform is damaging the user experience will be penalised according to their terms and conditions.
  6. If posting AI generated artwork always check the AI generated artwork at the time of posting.
  7. Pixiv may themselves add ai generated checkmark on a post if they find it to be AI generated
pixiv bans ai

Pixiv Requests completely banned AI generated work

Pixiv requests has completely banned AI artists from taking requests, the decision has come after several traditional artists complained about this happening frequently on their platform.

Pixiv Fanbox bans AI generated images

Pixiv fanbox on receiving many complaints from the users decide to ban Ai generated artwork, as it overshadowed the traditional artists.

AI can generate several images in a few minutes while it takes hours for a traditional artists which really frustrated the users on pixiv fanbox.

Booth also restricts AI from their platform

Booth also has bann AI from their platform. Booth is a shop set up for creators in collaboration with pixiv where artists sell their art.

Booth gave reasons like, less uniqueness, overshadowing the traditional artist and breaking terms and condition of booth.

They have also issued a warning that if things don’t improve in the future they will ban AI generated artwork.


In my opinion this is a step taken by the japanese company to provide comfort to the traditional artists who have been feared of losing jobs to the AI. A good step in my opinion. What do you think about this decision? let me know in the comments. I have also written the article on dilemma about AI generated art. feel free to read.

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