ChatGPT 2.0 – GPT 4 a new and improved Chatbot launched by Open AI. New features and updates for GPT 4

A couple of days ago open AI launched ChatGPT’s successor, ChatGPT 2.0 or officially called GPT 4. The new version of ChatGPT is based on GPT 4.0 while the earlier was based on GPT 3.5. This version has several upgrades but this is not available to everyone. This time OpenAI has launched it with subscription model. So what are the new features and updates that comes with ChatGPT 2.0, lets find out.

GPT 4 was trained on Microsoft’s Azure AI supercomputers, which will enable OpenAI to deliver GPT 4 all over the world.

GPT-4 Improvements and features

GPT-4 is 40% more accurate than ChatGPT and it will 82% more likely to disallow the request to generate banned content which is quite significant improvement over the previous model. GPT 4 or chatgpt 2.0 can learn users writing style, edit, collaborate and write creative songs or stories within seconds given the premises are well defined by the user.

GPT 4 has more advanced reasoning capabilities. The older version of ChatGPT used to get confused a lot if given multiple tasks in one prompt, however this is going to change in the newer and improved version of ChatGPT.

GPT-4 also outperformed ChatGPT in the bar exam and biology olympiad by a huge margin, which is just amazing. It took 6 months to create GPT 4 and the results that are displayed on the website are nothing but amazing. Here is the link to the chatGPT 2.0 or GPT-4 results

GPT-4 has also considered the data provided by the users while using ChatGPT and that is only going to make GPT 4 better and smarter.

ChatGPT 2.0 can now use text, images and video input compared to text only setting on ChatGPT

GPT-4 collaboration with big brands

Apps like Duolingo are incorporating GPT 4 in their app to improve user experience. OpenAI has also collaborated with brands like Stripe, Be My eyes, Khan academy, Morgan Stanley. GPT 4 will also be used by the Government of Iceland to preserve the language.

Availability of GPT 4

Users can access GPT 4 using ChatGPT plus. ChatGPT Plus is going to cost users 20$ per month which is a decent price in my opinion. There is also API of GPT 4 but there is a waitlist, if you want GPT 4 API you need to join the waitlist.

GPT 4 vs ChatGPT, which is better?

According to OpenAI’s research, users will not notice the conversational difference, however the GPT 4 will produce more accurate and nuanced results and it is going to be more accurate than GPT 3.5. This is evident even in the simulated exam that were used as parameter to compare GPT 4 with older version of ChatGPT

chatGPT 2.0 results - GPT 4
Credits/Data Source : OpenAI research article

ChatGPT’s new variant can use the combination of inputs of text and images compared to the only text input on earlier version of chatGPT. It can understand the image and can also understand the humour from an image. Here is another example from their website

chatGPT 2.0 results - GPT 4
Image credits :

There are 7 sample images like these on the openAI’s website which tells us that GPT 4 is a significant improvement over the GPT 3.5 model.

Steerability – Capability of language model to carry out conversation in a particular manner.

Suppose you want to carry out a conversation in particular manner, you want a fantasy story in the style of JK Rowling, earlier the model used to falter in this aspect, but with GPT 4, as the examples are displayed on the website, you can carry out a conversation in a certain style and it wouldn’t budge from that style even if you tell it to stop. You can ask it copy someone’s style, a known personality of course. Here are a few examples of the same –

chatGPT 2.0 results GPT 4
Image credits : OpenAI website
chatGPT 2.0 results
Image credits : OpenAI website

Limitations of ChatGPT 2.0 or GPT 4

According to OpenAI’s research there are still some limitations to the model and users shouldn’t trust it fully if they are working on some important project, they need to verify and then publish their work if its generated via language models. However the accuracy of GPT 4 has increased a lot which is evident in the graph below

Image credits : OpenAI website

The graph above shows factual evaluation based on each major category, which is a significant improvement over the other models.


The improvements on GPT 4 model are huge and welcomed and it is only going to get better. For those who want to use it they can use it by subscribing to the monthly 20$ subscription model. Those who struggle writing prompts for ChatGPT in general i have written a long and well informed article, you can click here to learn about writing prompts for chatgpt

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