Get access to Awesome Duet AI by Google

Duet AI was recently launched by google and you will have to join the waitlist to experience how good this new Duet AI by google works. Duet AI will work with Google Workspace on their apps like Spreadsheets, docs, slides, Gmail etc.

This is another stepping stone in the rapidly progressing AI revolution. The first thing you will have to do is go to join waitlist page and sign-up. In few days you will get the mail that you have access to Duet AI or workspace labs.

Once you get the email, then you can start using the Duet AI in daily workflow. Currently Duet AI is only available in US. If you want to use Duet AI in other countries you will have to wait for it to be released in your country, If you can’t wait there is a work around for using Duet AI by google in other countries as well.

Access Duet AI by Google if you are not living in US

Download Proton VPN and connect to the US server. Now you will not get message that this feature is not available in your country while visiting the join waitlist. Sign-up and if you are lucky, with in few days you will get access to this new AI by Google.

Duet AI Features

Help me write feature

Duet AI already suggests you text based suggestions if you are a google workspace user. But what’s new is that Duet AI is going to be integrated into the mobile apps like docs and gmail and makes your workflow faster. You will have to write less and let the Google’s AI do all the work. Isn’t it great?

Text to Image feature by Duet AI

You will be able to create original images from text to image features by duet AI on google slides which will save you the hassle of switching and paying various AI image generator websites.

Text-to-image feature by duet AI
Image from Google’s official website

Using Google Sheets more effectively than ever before

You will be able to use google sheets in a way never seen before. This Help me organise feature is going to be amazing for those people who use google sheets extensively and its going to boost the productivity by 10x in my opinion.

Help me organise feature by Duet AI
Image from Google’s official website

Using Duet AI with google docs

Duet AI can be very helpful with writing emails and preparing job descriptions within the docs department. Duet AI will also use smart chips to tag the people with whom you can share the written document. All you have to do is write a simple prompt. Most AI based programs require extensive prompting but with Duet AI you can get the results even with simpler prompts.

Duet AI integrated with Google docs
Image from Google’s official website
Duet AI integrated with google docs
Image from Google’s official website

Incorporated with Google Meet

Duet AI by google is also incorporated with google meet to change backgrounds. This will help users to connect with people on a personal level and can be helpful in business meetings as well.


Duet AI is going to be another milestone in this rapidly improving AI driven technology. This step is google’s answer to microsoft who incorporated Bing to their office suit. With the launch of Bard Google is ready to take on ChatGPT. More competition means better product for the consumers so I am really excited for the upcoming things from both Google and Microsoft.

What do you think about this AI revolution? Let me know in the comments below.


1. What is Duet AI?

Duet AI is a service launched by google to use with google’s workspace.

2. Is Duet AI available?

Duet AI is available only to selected users. You can apply to join the waitlist through the link I have provided in the article.

3. Is Duet AI available outside US?

At the moment Duet AI isn’t available outside US but you can join the waitlist by using a VPN

4. Is Duet AI a chatbot?

No. Duet AI isn’t a chatbot but a helping tool in your daily work.

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