Use ChatGPT for productiivity in 2023 and you will be ahead of most people, here's how?

ChatGPT for productivity

Using with excel sheets

Use ChatGPT to sort, realign and create csv formats to use with excel files. You can also ask chatGPT to rearrange the data in descending or ascending order

Using with excel sheets

Use ChatGPT to write cover letters, just prompt it to write a cover letter according to your need

generate business ideas

Use Chatgpt to generate business ideas for e.g. "10 business ideas, online only"

titles and descriptions

Sometimes we can't come up with good and engaging titles well, Chatgpt can help you with that

interview preparations?

ChatGPT can help you prepare for the interview, and can give you inputs on areas where you can improve

content creation ideas

Using ChatGPT  for content creation is a great idea to kickstart your content creation journey. Whenever you are in your rough patch use ChatGPT

Sometime we can't come up with clever captions. ChatGPT can be used for generating instagram captions and hashtags

captions and hashtag 

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