Top 5 apps of 2022 that you should download to kickstart your 2023 | Best Apps of 2022 that you should download now

As we enter 2023, there were many apps that were released in 2022 for Android devices. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the best apps for your needs. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 apps of 2022 that you won’t want to miss. From productivity tools to meditation platforms, these apps will make your life easier and hopefully more enjoyable. Whether you’re a business professional, a social media enthusiast, or just looking for a way to stay organized, there’s an app that might fit your needs. So without further delay, here are the top 5 apps of 2022.

Remini AI photo enhancer


The first on our list of top 5 apps of 2022 is the Remini AI photo enhancer app. Remini is a photo editing app that uses artificial intelligence to restore and enhance old or low-quality photos. The app can improve the resolution and clarity of photos, remove blemishes and imperfections, and restore faded colors.

Remini can restore old or damaged photos. The app uses advanced algorithms to analyze the photo and reconstruct missing or damaged pixels, resulting in a restored image that looks much clearer and more detailed, but one thing to notice is that if the image is very low quality it might add details stored in its own database which actually might not match the subject’s facial features. So might wanna retouch it later with photoshop for the needed corrections.

Besides restoring old photos, Remini can also improve the quality of newer photos by enhancing the resolution and removing blemishes. You will also get an auto color feature which will either color correct or enhance the colors in the image, If you want to save a photo after enhancing for free, you will have to watch ads or one ad in case of single image generation to save your enhanced photo.

Remini app isn’t completely free to use but by watching ads you can get some stuff for free, Whether you’re looking to restore old photos, improve the quality of newer ones, or just have some fun with newly added AI filters and effects, Remini has you covered in those departments. And the best part is that Remini’s AI avatar feature is totally free to use. It works just like the LENSA app, but you don’t have to pay a penny to access it. It can be an alternative to LENSA app at the moment and get exactly the same results for free

APP rating is 3.9 with 100 million+ downloads. Link to download here. I know the rating is a little less than 4 but with its 100 million+ downloads it justifies its position on the list of best apps of 2022.

The con for this app is to use it for free you will have to watch ads every time to enhance any image, but this is one of the best apps to upscale images, it does the job better than the other apps in this category for free.

CALM – A meditation app

Calm is a popular meditation and relaxation app that offers a variety of techniques to help users in their stress management and improve their overall well-being. The app features guided meditations, sleep stories, and music designed to help users relax and find inner peace.

The “Daily Calm” feature, offers a daily 10-minute meditation practice. These practices are designed to be easy to follow and can be done anytime, anywhere. They cover a wide range of topics, including stress reduction, gratitude, and self-care.

In addition to its meditation practices, Calm also includes a range of sleep stories, which are narrated bedtime stories designed to help users relax and fall asleep. These stories cover a wide range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and fantasy, and are narrated by a variety of voices. There are even stories for children which is one of the best features of this app. I have been using this app for the past 1 year and I have no complaints whatsoever.

Calm has a feature of music selection, which includes a variety of calming tracks designed to help users relax and unwind. The app also includes a feature called “Nature Sounds,” which allows users to listen to the sounds of nature, such as the ocean or a forest, to help them relax. You can also get sounds like walking in the forest, fishing camping, etc, and are really helpful. One suggestion from my side is to use Headphones while using these stories and music features for that immersive experience.

Whether you’re a busy professional looking for a way to unwind after a long day, or you’re just looking for a way to improve your overall mental health, Calm has something for you. With its engaging, intuitive, and simple interface, you’ll be able to find the perfect meditation or sleep story to suit your needs in no time.

So, if you’re ready to improve your mental health and well-being, give Calm a try. You won’t be disappointed! APP rating – 4.4, Downloads – 10 million+, Link to download the app here

I will write a meditation-specific article soon, so keep watching this space for further updates, as I have used so many apps but settled with this one. The only con I found is that Paid version is kind of costly.

COLORNOTE APP – A Productivity app

The third app on my top 5 apps for 2022 that I used is ColorNote. ColorNote is a note-taking app available for Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to create and organize notes, lists, and reminder features to help users stay organized and productive. This is a totally free app compared to the other apps on this list.

One of the best things about ColorNote is its simple interface, which makes it easy for users to create and edit notes. The app allows users to create notes and checklists on the go. It also includes customization options, such as the ability to change the background color of notes.

In addition to its note-taking features, ColorNote also includes a few organizational tools, such as the ability to categorize notes by colors, and a search function to help users find specific notes quickly. It also includes a calendar view and a reminder function, which allows users to set reminders for important tasks or events. You can set reminders for a specific note on daily basis, hourly basis, and stuff like that.

In my opinion, as I have been a user of colornote for almost 4 years now, ColorNote is a very simple and user-friendly note-taking app that is perfect for anyone looking to stay organized and productive. Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or just looking for a way to keep track of your daily tasks, ColorNote is definitely worth checking out. This app is downloaded more than 100 million times and its rating is a staggering 4.9 which makes it one of the best apps. Here is the link to download it

I have written a productivity app-specific article, if you are interested you can check out the article here.

Xplore File Manager

If you are looking to manage your files in an easy way you shouldn’t miss out on this great app. I started using this 6 or 7 months ago and trust me when I say this, this app has made my life easier.

Xplore File Manager is an amazing app that makes it super easy to manage and organize your files on your device. With some of its powerful features, Xplore File Manager is the perfect tool for anyone looking to manage their files effectively.

One of the best things about Xplore File Manager allows you to view and access all of your files and folders in one place. Whether you’re looking for a specific document, image, or video, you can find it quickly and easily.

In addition to its file management capabilities, Xplore File Manager also includes a range of tools for organizing your files. You can create and manage folders, move and copy files between folders, and even rename files and folders to better suit your needs. You can also change the file extension of multiple files with a single click, that is one of the standout features of this app! Just select the files you want to modify, write the new extension you want and you’re all set.

All those basic features to work with RAR and ZIP files are present in this app. So, Give Xplore file manager a try, I hope You’ll love how easy it is to manage and organize your files. This app is rated 4.5 on the play store with more than 10 million downloads, here is the play store link to download the app

The only downside is the ads you get to see in the free version of the app.

Stellarium APP

If you’re a stargazer or just love learning about the cosmos, you need to check out Stellarium. This amazing app is a great way to explore the night sky in real-time, right from the comfort of your own device.

One of the best things about Stellarium is its beautiful and realistic graphics, which make it feel like you’re actually looking up at the stars. The app includes a wide range of features and tools that allow you to customize your view of the sky, including the ability to adjust and location to see how the stars will look from any location on Earth.


Stellarium also includes a wealth of information about the objects you see in the sky. You can learn about constellations, planets, and other celestial bodies. With a few days of usage and a clear night sky you will be able to spot most of the stars while using the Stellarium app, it is a great learning experience.

Stellarium is a must-have app for anyone who loves stargazing or just wants to learn more about the cosmos. Link to Playstore. The only downside is the free app has limited options which are more than enough for a normal user.

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