Samsung Crystal 4k TV Review – Is it Good? Read this before buying

It’s been over a month since I bought a Samsung Crystal 4k Pro TV. There are three versions of Samsung crystal 4K TVs. I bought the pro one. So in this article, I am going to talk about the difference between a normal Samsung 4K TV, Samsung 4K Pro, and Samsung 4K Neo. The Samsung Crystal 4K version is an online edition for Samsung to target that mid-range budget TV range which is cluttered with Redmi, realme, hi-sense, etc. The model I am reviewing in this article is Samsung 108 cm (43 inches) Crystal 4K Pro Series Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA43AUE70AKLXL (Black)

Updated article on April 24 2023 : Here is an update about how this tv is doing after almost 1 year after purchasing. My long term review of Samsung crystal 4k pro tv UA43AUE70AKLXL.

Samsung crystal 4k tv pro off screen
Samsung crystal 4k pro tv

TV Overview

Design and Features

Every tv in this range has big bezels, but this tv is different. This TV has almost no bezels. The frame is so thin that it is almost invisible. Though the body is made up of plastic, the plastic used in this TV is made up of some great quality. This is a beautiful-looking TV in this range. You will get a screw-free foot stand with this.

Samsung crystal 4K TV pro comes with ultra 4K HD 3840X2160 resolution with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. Samsung has used motion accelerator technology on this TV. This TV comes with an 8 BIT VA ELED Panel, with a peak HDR brightness of 300 nits. HDR 10 and HLG support are also there. Crystal 4K processor. You can also use this as a PC. Samsung Crystal 4K TV comes with Tizen OS, 1.5 GB ram, and 8GB storage out of which only 2.4 GB is available.

Connectivity and Ports

This TV comes with 3 HDMI ports, one of which is an eARC port. You will get only one USB port, a LAN port, and no headphone jack. This TV has Bluetooth 4.2, Antenna Support.

samsung crystal 4k pro tv real review
Screen turned on with tata play

Samsung crystal 4k tv Review

How are Colors on Samsung Crystal 4k TV?

The colors of the display panel are just amazing at this price point, Halo effect is there a bit which is normal in this price range. The uniformity of colors is just amazing, and the display panel used in this TV is just amazing. Display deep blacks and vibrant colors. Upscaling feature is there but I would recommend you watch HD channels on this TV as the SD channel quality was not great. But HD channel upscaling was great. You can play 4K videos from a pen drive as well.

Software support and app support on Samsung crystal TVs?

Every important OTT platform app is there like Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, etc. I would recommend getting good-sounding speakers, don’t get me wrong but if you use external speakers with this amazing TV it will increase your cinema watching by 10 folds. However, you cannot sideload apps from the play store as this is not on the android platform. Jio Cinema app is also available on this TV if you want to enjoy IPL in 2023. The experience of Jio Cinema app was really amazing, watching matches in 4k quality is just great and better than watching on any channel.

Audio Quality of Samsung Crystal 4k pro TV

I found sound quality to be okayish on samsung crystal 4k pro tv, I recommend that you use soundbar with this TV. However, if you don’t want to use a soundbar, use the adaptive sound feature to get the best sound output of the Samsung crystal 4K TV.

Additional features and remote features of Samsung Crystal 4k Pro TV

The remote of samsung crystal 4k pro TV is slim, and easy to hold and fewer buttons make this remote icing on the cake. This TV supports voice assistant support, however, you can only use only one at one time. The mic is decent enough present on the remote. The Assistant works well on this TV. You have to press the button than speak into the microphone, but make sure you don’t release the assistant button before you have given your voice command.

4K videos are a treat to watch on this video, but you will need a good internet connection with unlimited bandwidth as 4K videos consume more data. So your 2GB data per day plan will vanish in the thin air in very less time. The bottom line is to get a good internet connection.

Does Samsung crystal 4k pro Tv lags after sometime?

Short answer is no. My samsung crystal tv is working really well. I don’t see any lag even after 1 year of my usage which is pretty great in my opinion. This TV is great and handles every task that i through at this tv really well. I can quickly switch between apps, no hassle whatsoever.

Pros and Cons

Every TV has its pros and cons and Samsung crystal 4K tv is no different from others.


  • No Dolby vision support
  • Audio Quality is average
  • 15 to 20% of Viewing angles get washed out. Common with VA panels


  • The backlight LED quality is great.
  • Great Color reproduction
  • Great HDR brightness
  • Samsung crystal 4K TV has the best picture quality in this budget.

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Additional Data on Samsung crystal 4K TV

Samsung crystal 4K TV has 3 models you can buy AUE60 as well, the only difference between the Samsung crystal 4K TV (model no. ua43aue60aklxl) and 4K Pro TV(model no. UA43AUE70AKLXL) is that of the voice assistant support. If you don’t want that feature go for the lower model the AUE60 model which will cost you a few bucks less.

There is also a Samsung AUE65 Neo version released in 2022 which has a solar charging supported remote, apart from that all these 3 TVs are the same, Model number for samsung neo model is UA43AUE65AKXXL. You cannot go wrong with any of them. Make your choice and buy according to your own preference. Happy reading. Check out other articles on this blog.

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