Best Smart TV to buy under 20000 rupees

Earlier it was only used to be smartphones that were launched frequently; nowadays, even the TVs have picked up this trend. I have compiled a list of one of the best smart TV to buy under 20000 because there are so many choices in the market that users get confused about which to buy and which to skip. I have compiled a list of one of the best smart TV to buy under 20000. I bought a TV recently after doing a lot of research so, in this article, I will not tell you which one to buy but, you will make an informed decision after reading this article.

Samsung Wondertainment 32 inch smart tv Model no. UA32TE40AAKBXL

The first model in our list of best smart TV to buy is Samsung’s wondertainment series smart tv. This 32-inch smart tv is one of the best in this price range, yes there are brands that will give you more features for the price but considering it’s a Samsung tv, This smart tv will ensure the quality they provide will be top-notch. You may buy redmi’s realme’s tv but those who are living in small cities should opt for a well-known brand who’s available at your doorsteps when there is any problem with your smart tv. Chinese brands are good for big cities where the service centers are easily available.

It is available on amazon. You can click on this link

General Overview and Specifications

This TV comes with 8 bit VA DLED Panel, a peak HDR brightness of 280 nits, and an amazing contrast ratio of 400000:1. It also has HDR support. 20-watt audio, 1368×768 resolution with 60-hertz refresh rate.

Samsung wondertainment comes with a Tizen operating system, as it is Samsung’s own OS so they have optimized their software pretty well. Boot time is very low. It takes only one to two seconds to boot up. Generally, TVs take more time to boot up. Supports most of the streaming apps if that’s what you are looking for in a tv. The user interface is pretty good, so your experience will be great. This also supports Apple TV.

You can use smart things apps, and play music via Bluetooth. Connectivity isn’t an issue with this TV. The colors are good. Audio quality is the only con on this TV, but you should buy a TV for the video quality, which is really great on this phone. Audio quality can be improved by attaching external speakers if you want.

This TV doesn’t have RCA ports, so you will need a converter to attach your old set-top box, if your set-top box supports HDMI then that will be great. If you buy the high-end of this device, you will get around 15 to 16000 rupees, which will also include voice assistant support as well.

The only con of the TV is that it does not have a headphone jack. If that isn’t the problem for you, you can buy this time without even thinking twice.

Who should buy it?

  • Buy if you are looking for a branded tv under 20000. you will not get better TV than this with Samsung’s trust.
  • Buy if you are looking for a smart tv with good features.
  • Buy if you don’t want to sideload apps other than provided by the brand.
  • Voice assistant is important to you.
  • This 32 inch smart tv is excellent for mirroring laptops as well if that’s what you want.
  • If you are living in a small city and service could be an issue for small brands.
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Redmi 32 inch Smart TV

General Overview and Specifications

This TV has a medium bezel design. Build quality is like every other tv in this range, plastic body. This tv comes with a stand which is also made up of plastic. HD tv with 1368×768 resolution. This tv has a refresh rate of 60hertz. This is an 8-bit VA DLED panel and has a peak HDR brightness of 175 nits. This tv has these features; vivid picture engine, data saver mode, kids mode, and quick wake.

This tv has a built-in Chromecast and comes with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage, the free storage you get is 4GB. 20-watt down-firing speakers with DTS HD. 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Headphone jack, LAN port, Bluetooth 4.2, and single band wifi.

This has a peak HDR brightness of 175 nits, and this is best for viewing SD channels, as SD channels only need 100 nits of brightness.

This TV comes with the android 9 operating system with a patch wall. You will get this tv on amazon. Buy it during the sale you might get a good deal.

Who should buy it?

  • For people who are okay with the Chinese brand.
  • Need a cheap tv.
  • Just need a tv not for the long term as these TVs generally have a life of around 3 to 4 years.

MI TV Horizon

This tv is the same as the redmi tv but the only difference between them is the bezels. This tv is no different from redmi tv. even the company is the same. The only difference is bezels, and I would prefer thin bezels. It will cost you around 16k but in sales, you might get it around 14500 using cards.

LG LM560 32 inch smart tv

General Overview and Specifications

If you are looking for the best tv to consume OTT content, I think this is the tv for you. This LG smart tv comes with an 8 BIT IPS DLED Panel. It has a peak HDR Brightness of 250 nits which is sufficient. This TV supports HDR 10 which is great for consuming OTT content. This TV also comes with HLG support, video upscaling technology, a Dynamic color enhancer, and Noise Reduction technology.

This TV comes with 1GB of RAM, and 4Gb of storage, you will get 1.5 GB of storage for your use. This Smart TV contains a quad-core CPU and a dual-core GPU, 2 HDMI ports one is 1ARC and the other one is 1CEC, an Optical audio port, and a headphone jack.

The deal breaker is that this TV doesn’t have Bluetooth support and only 10 Watt audio speaker. This might be the costliest TV on the list. Price doesn’t fluctuate much for this TV because this is the best TV on this list. Regarding no Bluetooth and audio problems, you can get a Bluetooth adapter for this TV which will only cost you around 200 to 400 rupees, and for audio, you always have the option to attach speakers externally.

Who should buy it?

  • If you are looking for a tv with a great display.
  • If you are looking to watch OTT content.
  • If you like Brand assurance. Service won’t be an issue for a brand like LG.
Best smart tv to buy
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Honorable Mentions

These are honorable mentions in my list of best smart tv to buy Did I mention the best 32 inch smart tv in my list? I will do that at the end of this article

Nokia TV

This 32 inch smart tvTV comes with android 11, has a storage of 16GB and you get approx 7GB of usable storage. This TV has 300 nits of claimed brightness. 8-bit VA DLED panel, an amazing output of 39 watts. This tv has great audio quality. You should get this TV at around 19000 without sales but in my opinion, wait for the sale season and you might get it around 17000 to 18000, which is the right price for this TV.

Motorola ZX3

This TV comes with android 10, which means you will get more storage compared to Nokia. There is absolutely no difference between the panels. You should buy this if you get it around 17000 to 18000 rupees.

From between these two TVs, you should buy whichever is cheaper at the point of buying.


First of all, Thank you for reading the article. And time for my opinion. Yay! Well for me the best smart to buy for under 20000 will be Samsung wondertainment and LG TV. You just can’t go wrong with these two brands. However, you can check out other TVs on the list and whichever suits your budget you can go with that. That concludes my article on the best smart tv to buy in 32 inch smart tv category. Please comment on what you liked and disliked about the article.

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