5 Best AI Tools to increase productivity in 2023

I am back with another AI article, and in this article I am going to tell you about 5 AI websites or AI tools to increase productivity, from writing to editing videos you everything will. In today’s cut throat competition, time is the most important thing and these tools can save your time. So let’s jump in to the article.

Text to Image Generators for Graphics design – Openart.ai

I have written several articles in this genre, that includes names of many text generators, but recently I have discovered a new text to image generator called Openart. This website has a vast variety of models and also offers you 100 credits daily for free, which is pretty awesome. On joining you will also get 1000 credits. You can claim your daily 100 credits by going to this link. Also don’t forget to join their discord servers for support.

This website also has a lot of open prompts to help you get started so that you don’t find it hard to use. They also help you to style your prompts and there is also a prompting helpbook. Great website for graphic designers, making backgrounds for desktops, mobile phones, logos, and having fun in general.

AI Tool for editing videos

I have compiled a list of AI tools for video editing

Runway ML

  • 1. Runway ML lets you remove unwanted objects just by brushing over the objects. Supercool isn’t it?
  • 2. Runway ML also lets’ you remove background from the videos which super tough in premiere pro but super easy if you use Runway ML. You don’t have to download the runway ml software. Its all online which is another super cool thing given that all of don’t have high performances PCs lying around in our house just like that
  • 3. You can add text behind your subject which is another difficult thing to do on traditional softwares like premiere and after effects.
  • 4. Color grading has never been easier. Earlier there used to be lot of tweaking but now just like AI can generate text to image, now its text to color grade. You can write a prompt to AI to color grade your video like movie Godfather and it would do that with just one click. Awesome isn’t it?
  • Text to video editing is another awesome feature by Runway ML, you can write and the video would just appear from thin air like text-to-image tools, Runway ML offers a free trial but isn’t completely free like stable diffusion but its worth a try for budding video creators and editors in general to boost the productivity using AI tools.

AI tool for voice overs

Play.ht is a great tool for creating voice overs in every language with different voices. This website offers various voices to choose from. It offers text to speech for 600 words in the trial and if you enter your youtube or any social media platform where you will be using these voice overs, you will get 5000 words text to speech for free. But remember you can only download 3 files, so use it wisely.

Play.ht can be helpful in making voice overs for youtube, tiktok or instagram. It can also be used for business presentation purpose. Play.ht offers voices in many languages from English, Spanish, Zulu to Hindi voices. Most of the English voices sound almost realistic.

  1. I wrote an extensively long article on ChatGPT and how to use it your advantage. Well you can also tell ChatGPT to write your youtube script as well, it can write emails for you, write meta description for you etc.
  2. Another great tool i use for scripting is Ryter. This is not free like ChatGPT but great for writing headlines and catchy titles for your youtube or blog articles. It can help you write outlines for your articles. Ryter can also give you information about Keywords used in your articles. You get 10000 words per month in the free trial. So try it.

AI tool for animating Image

Another thing you can use AI to increase your productivity or creativity is animate the images. You can use D-ID to create the videos using your images. You cannot use celebrity images for this. You either upload your images or the ones that you created with AI. You get a 5 minute Free Trial and you get the idea of how its used. If you like it you can always but it.

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