Controlnet Stable Diffusion Extension

Controlnet is a must have extension  to use with stable diffusion. Controlnet can be used for controlling character poses, facial expression and even architecture

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Deforum Extension

Deforum is used to create animation videos. Deforum uses multiple prompt or single prompt to generate beautiful looking extension

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ToMe Extension

ToMeSD is a must have extension for those who have low VRAM. As the name suggests ToMe is short for token merging and this reduces the image generation time by 2x

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PhotoPea Extension

PhotoPea is an online photo editing platform which imitates photoshop. You can generate images and edit them in the photopea within automatic1111.

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Pix to Pix

Pix to Pix makes required changes quickly with simple prompts. Export the image and write a simple prompt like change eyes color to blue and it will do the rest

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Ultimate SD Upscale

You will be able to upscale images even to 8K  even if you have 4GB VRAM with the help of this extension. more effective when used with controlnet.

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Depth Map extension

This extension not only helps you to generate 3D depth maps but it can also generated depth animation videos which are really cool.

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Want to know more?

I have written an extensive article on controlnet. If you want to know how to install and use controlnet click on learn more