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Bard is Free

Yes, you heard it right, bard is completely free and you can use it as a productivity tool


Bard can access Internet

Bard has access to internet, while its rival ChatGPT, which only offers that in the paid version


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Voice command prompt

Bard offers voice input feature to enter the prompt which makes it more convenient


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Integration with Google search

Bard can search information for you over the internet unlike its rival ChatGPT. Additionally it cites the resources of its results.


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Text to Image coming soon

Bard is working with adobe firefly for making its own text to image generation platform, This feature will come with future updates


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Turn anything into Table

With Bard you can organise your data by just writing the prompt "organise it in the form of a table". This is going to save you so much time


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Suggesting Caption

Bard in coming weeks will also release an updates where it will be able to give you captions for your photos making your instagram game stronger


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Integration with Lens

Bard in the upcoming weeks will release updates where it will be integrated with Google's lens making your searches way more interactive with images


Exporting made easy

Bard made exporting to other apps easy. You can export the results to google docs, sheets and if you requested for a python code you can export to colab


Where to access bard?

Go to to access Bard, its completely free.



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