As internet users are becoming familiar with old ways of scamming, scammers have found out new ways to scam us.

Scammers are using Edge browser for scamming, as this is the third most used browser according to Statcounter website

Scam 1

Malwarebyte's Researchers found out that scammers are injecting ads on to Edge Browser's Home Page

Using Edge browser

Scammers are using clickbaity ads that often triggers user to click on the ad, as per MSN this has been going for about 2 Months

If you click on the suspicious ad that either takes you to the tech support page(scam page) or a decoy web page if you are not worth scamming

Scammers are using Geek Squad's popularity to their advantage, they will send a suspicious email to the user

Scam 2

Suspicious email will contain a link if you click on that your PC will get infected with a malware, leaking important information from your computer

Email will contain like words "you have subscribed, auto-renewed, charged, etc". If you have never subscribed please delete the mail. Here what you should do to avoid scams-

1. Never reveal personal data. 2. Use Two factor authentication 3. Never click any suspicious link you receive in your email.

4. Keep your banking email separate from the ones you use to signup on random services. 5. Use a good anti-virus.

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