APPLE announced iPhone 14 launch. What is special this time?

Apple announced a launch event on the 7th of September without hinting at what is being launched.

High possibility it could be iPhone 14. Along with iPhone, we could be seeing a new Apple watch series 8, an update to the apple watch SE.

iPhone 14  will have 4 variants, one of them will be a brand new version of iPhones. Rumors are that they got rid of that hideous notch.

iPhone 14 is rumored to have Satellite connectivity. It will be interesting to see how that works.

iPhone 14 is getting the same chip as iPhone 13, but there is going to be a huge improvement on the camera front.

A purple variant of the iPhone 14 was tweeted by a user called DuanRui. It looked great. Let’s see if that will be unveiled or not.

iPhone 14 Pro is going to be even more expensive this year.