Rockstar Games GTA VI Leak could be the biggest leak in the history of gaming. Here is what you need to know-

THE GTA VI Leak contains huge amount of video footage with approximately 90 videos that are being posted to social media forums.

THE GTA VI Leak news came out when a user on GTA forums claimed to be behind the leak says these are from a test builds of GTA 6

A user called WaterHexle on Twitter posted some leaked footages of the GTA 6. Here you can see a female running on the road.

In this screenshot of a leaked video you can see a guy. The male lead is called Jason and female is called Lucia

From the leaks , it seems that there is going to be a female character as well, probably as a protagonist, named Lucia

This leak was later on confirmed by Bloomberg's Jason Schreier who is a prominent journalist in this field

The verge reported that the game is running on RTX 3060Ti and RTX 3080, which implies that game build is less than two years old