Ross Geller as Khal Drogo - It was easy to imagine Joey as Khal but I took a different approach, Wait for Joey to show up in coming slides

Rachel as Dragon Queen Daenerys - It was the most practical thing to do since i reimagined Ross as Khal so Khaleesi should be Rachel only

Gunther as Jorah Mormont - There is a similarity between Gunther and Jorah. Both were secret lovers of Rachel and Daenerys  respectively.

Monica Geller as Ygritte - I could have reimagined Monica as Cersei but that would have been easy to imagine so I imagined her as Ygritte instead. Wait for Chandler

Joey as Ned Stark - The most honourable man from north and the most Jolly man from Friends have to be the same in my opinion

Chandler as Jon Snow - The king in the north and king of sarcasm has to be reimagined together. Imagine Jon Snow being sarcastically funny on Game of thrones 

Phoebe Buffay as Cersei - Cersei and Phoebe is a deadly combination together. Imagine Cersei being funny and playing guitar while blowing up the Great sept with wildfire

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