Researchers at South Korea's Sejong University have created a new charging system that uses infrared light to transfer power to electronics up to 100 feet (30m) away.

Researchers are hoping that the discovery will lead to technology that automatically charges a phone when it is brought into a room, such as airports and supermarkets.

Research team leader Dr. Jinyong Ha said: 'The ability to power devices wirelessly could eliminate the need to carry around power cables for our phones or tablets.

The new charger is a 'distributed laser charging' system. It has a transmitter and a receiver.


An optical amplifier in the transmitter generates an IR radiation beam. Receiver is fitted on a the electronic device which absorbs the beam

The beam is absorbed by a photovoltaic cell present on the electronic device as receiver, which converts light energy to electricity.

The research is still in its initial phase, and research is still going on to improve and make it usable in the real world

Real world applications 1/3

Technology can be used in airports, malls to power sensors, charge smartphones, laptops without needing to carry cables

Real world applications 2/3

Your gadgets would starting charging as soon as you enter your room. Well that is some next level invention

Real world applications 3/3

The beam has a wavelength of 1550nm which does not pose any threat to eyes or skin

are these radiations safe?