The first platform on my list is NightCafe Studio. Their platform is very user-friendly. The image in the background is made via NightCafe

NightCafe Studio

NightCafe Studio has to be one of the Most Generous Text to Image Platforms. Nightcafe Studio gives you 5 credits daily. All the images used in the background are created by NC

Besides 5 credits daily you get 3 credits per post on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. You can avail of Max 30 credits daily by posting on your social handles.

Nightcafe offers many presets, as you can see in the video which makes it easier for new users to make decent art in very less time.

The second platform on my list is DALL-E. Their platform is simple and easy to use. The image above is made via DALL-E.


DALL-E is another platform that makes high-quality images and gives you free 15 credits every month. After joining you will get 50 credits for free

To Join DALL-E you need to sign up and join their waitlist, and the good news is that DALL-E is sending an invite within a few hours.

These two are one of the best AI platforms, I will make a separate list of other platforms soon. If interested you can read my article on  AI Art vs Human Art debate