This website helps you make png images for your projects, and it is super easy to make them

just by drawing randomly, this website suggest you random icons based on your drawing. Select whichever is closer to your need

Ryter AI is a boon for writers, or to write quick emails, for scripting a youtube video, blog outline or writing a fully fledged article.

Ryter AI offer 10000 words per month for free, if you want unlimited word limit there is a 290 dollar plan as well.

1. You can use this website to draw your ideas 2. You can share your ideas and also draw with them in real time which is supercool 3. No registration required.

1. You can convert up to 25 conversion minutes per day for free 2.Cheapest plan is 9.99 dollars for 1500 conversions minutes/month

1. This could be the best website to share your files p2p 2. Just drag n drop and share the link with your friend

3. You will have to keep the browser tab open while using toffeshare until your friend hasn't completed his download


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